#temporarycustodians share offer

Maurice Carlin tc
‘Performance Publishing: Regent Trading Estate’, Maurice Carlin, 2013


‘Performance Publishing’ involved the relief-printing of the 8000 sqft. floor of a Council-owned warehouse in Salford as a live-streamed 3 month performance work. It resulted in a series of 135 unique CMYK relief prints which together make up a 1:1 scale representation of the floor surface. In addition to these prints the work is distributed over more than four hundred digital scans, CCTV footage, an online discussion forum and the publication HARD COPY with texts by Karen Archey, Huw Lemmey, Joanne McNeil and Danielle Rago, edited by Helen Kaplinsky.

A conversation between curator Helen Kaplinsky and the artist Maurice Carlin developed following the completion of the performance and has evolved into the research project #temporarycustodians. They are exploring share ownership for ‘Performance Publishing’ via a series of closed workshops at Res, looking at options for a cooperatively owned legal and company structure. The proposal for share ownership of the artwork is that a company structure is formed which has as its assets the 135 prints plus other digital and documentary elements of the production process. As a shareholder you will have access to the work and a stake in how it is distributed and displayed.

If you are interested to find out more about the share offer please join #temporarycustodians for a potluck dinner at 8pm on Monday 27th April at Res.

RSVP contact@beingres.org with “#temporarycustodians potluck” as the subject

TC_Lockup_2 Print