Bain Marie | Laura Morrison and Beatrice Loft Schulz

Bain Marie | Laura Morrison and Beatrice Loft Schulz
15 – 31 October 2015
Closing Event 30 October
6.30pm Performances by Laura Morrison and Beatrice Loft Schulz
9.30 – 11.30pm DJ set by Spacer Woman (aka Chooc Ly Tan)

Outside the fortress walls is desert, dry as coal. But the walls inside are soft, and they will keep you. I will take care of you. You can rest here. I will care for you so diligently that I will inevitably fantasise about your death. I will touch you carefully, delicately, as I imagine your destruction. You are almost too delicate to survive; your body is on the point of disintegrating.

– Laura Morrison and Beatrice Loft Schulz

What if gentleness existed in the gallery long enough to allow for the fluid and leaky unfolding of polluted bodies? Permitting them to evoke their own cluster of promises, filling our near sphere with units that bring us happiness. Self-consciously negotiating the coercion that nurture inherently entails, seeking to neutrally nourish, in a space where alienation from the emotional self is discouraged.

Laura Morrison and Beatrice Loft Schulz take anchorage in the gallery to consider the instrumentalisation of vulnerability. Public opening hours will remain regular, however the depth of access granted to visitors may vary in negotiation with the artists’ daily state.
Bain Marie is part of a research project devised by Sarah Jury to reconsider the capitalistic disciplining of corporeality that reduces emotion to affective labour.

Further information will be posted here, or email

Beatrice Loft Schulz, born in the year of the tiger, lives and works in the year of the goat.
Laura Morrison is older than Beatrice Loft Schulz. The year of the cock.

Images copyright: Res 2017,
Video courtesy of Laura Morrison, 2015.