Res. is a mutable project based in a gallery and workspace in Deptford, South East London. The curatorial committee is Helen Kaplinsky, Sarah Jury and Lucy A. Sames. We seek to be an associative working environment from which to share and develop research.

Res. hosts a number of ongoing art research and reading groups, providing a base from which to experiment with the means and formats for making research public. For the full list of groups, see here.

The programme is built around the research-based curatorial practices of its three curators, around the constellation of reading and research groups and around projects proposed by Res. Associates.

Res. Associates is a scheme that provides affordable desk space and free bookable meeting space for curators, artists and writers. This co-working space offers a peer support network to often isolated independent freelance workers. Res. actively encourages research-based practices by providing free access to shared space and equipment for open and closed groups to meet. If you would like to become a Res. Associate, please email us at contact@beingres.org.

During exhibitions Res. is open Thursday – Sunday 12-6pm. Every last friday of the month, Res. is additionally open 6-9pm for a monthly social event.

Res. is a not for profit organisation and a company limited by guarantee. Res. is supported by Enclave.


Res. Office Associates


Felix Kalmenson, artist
Jude Marcella, animator


Jérémie Wenger, writer and editor
Nikki Williams, writer
Najia Bagi, artist and creative producer
Amy Jones, curator
Anita Dawood, writer and editor
Hammad Nasar, curator and writer
Alan Cunningham, writer
Phoebe Davies, artist and producer
Victoria Ivanova, curator and writer

Kihlberg & Henry, artist
Mette Kjærgaard Præst, curator and producer
Taylor Le Melle, writer, curator, researcher
Thea Smith, writer/curator & co-founding editor of SALT. magazine
Alexandra White, curator

Josephine Callaghan, artist
Tom Clark, editor, curator and publisher, currently at BAK
Maia Conran, artist
Hanna Laura Kaljo, curator and writer, Jupiter Woods
Tom Prater, writer and editor, est. Doggerland

Cristina Ramos, curator and musician
Eva Rowson, producer for freethought
Niel Staats, est. Eye Contemporary Art Ghana


Desk Residency:

Current resident: Hamish MacPherson 
Hamish MacPherson is a London-based artist who uses ideas and methods from choreography and dance to think about politics; as a kind of embedded philosophical enquiry. Hamish makes workshops, games, performances, writings, images and other elements in artistic, academic and community contexts. Current projects include THIS MOVEMENT, looking at how we use our bodies to make politics and Hard Care looking at care as an aesthetic, choreographic and political practice.

Hamish is currently working with Sarah Jury on developing the larp Alien PhenomenologyThis Movement reading group, and the Talking about Consent in Participatory Performance discussion group

Former Residents:
The White Pube