Res. is a mutable project based in a gallery and workspace in Deptford, South East London. Res. seeks to be an associative working environment from which to share and develop research. Res. is the curatorial committee Helen Kaplinsky, Sarah Jury and Lucy A. Sames.


Res. Office Associates


Alan Cunningham, writer
Phoebe Davies, artist and producer
Victoria Ivanova, curator and writer
Mette Kjærgaard Præst, curator and producer
Kihlberg & Henry, artist
Taylor Le Melle, writer, curator, researcher
Thea Smith, writer/curator & co-founding editor of SALT. magazine
Jérémie Wenger, writer and editor
Nikki Williams, writer
Alexandra White, curator


Josephine Callaghan, artist
Tom Clark, editor, curator and publisher, currently at BAK
Maia Conran, artist
Hanna Laura Kaljo, curator and writer, Jupiter Woods
Tom Prater, writer and editor, est. Doggerland
Cristina Ramos, curator and musician
Eva Rowson, producer for freethought
Niel Staats, est. Eye Contemporary Art Ghana


Desk Residency:

The White Pube


Resident Research / Reading Groups:

This Movement reading group 
30 January, 13 February, 13 March, 10 April,  7-9pm

The Empath Group
#1 – #12

Cybernetic Mystics reading group
#1 – ongoing

I Had This Feeling reading group
#1, #2 & #3

playgroup #1 Cleansed

playgroup #2 Phaedra(s)
playgroup #3 Removal Men
playgroup #4 Ebbi & The Cock Tavern

Legacies of Cyber Feminism reading group
Legacies of Cyberfeminism #3 – Networks, Collaborations and Forms of Labour
Legacies of Cyberfeminism #4 – Critical Interrogations




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Res. Friends:

Peckham Pictures